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Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Wooden Engraved Gift Box


What you get:

Wooden keepsake gift box engraved with bridesmaid's name on top.
20 oz white tumbler with bridesmaid's name sublimated in black.
Pink opaque dangle bridesmaid earrings set with hypoallergenic metals.
Zip up makeup bag with bridesmaid's name in black.
"Bride Squad" purse or bag foldable hanger hook. Set it on a tables edge and unfold into a hook to hang your purse on (see photo of it in use)
"Will you be my bridesmaid" engraved wooden keepsake proposal rose.
Tied ribbon (exact color/design subject to availability but will be pink to match!) & box filler.


Personalize with a bridesmaid's name and font of your choice.


Why choose our gift box? The bridesmaid will get more than just a cardboard box that'll be thrown away after opening. Our original design wooden keepsake box can be engraved with your bridesmaid name that will last a lifetime. Put jewelry in it, other keepsakes, or whatever they desire. Your bridesmaid will also get her own tumbler with her name on it. She will need to stay hydrated while running around doing all the tasks you ask of her. She'll get a makeup bag to hold the essentials, a purse hanger hook, earrings, and all around practical useful items to help you plan and execute YOUR day. And my favorite of all, a keepsake engraved wooden rose that she'll hang onto (hopefully) for a very long time to remember that you chose HER to be your bridesmaid.


Dimensions & specs:
Wooden keepsake box: 9" x 7.5" x 4.25"
Tumbler: 20 fl oz tumbler
Earrings 2.75" drop (from hook to bottom of earring)
Makeup bag 7.5" x 4"

Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Wooden Engraved Gift Box Set

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