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DIY Craft Kit. Paint, glue and assemble yourself.

Personalize with a child name by using the included batch of alphabet letters. Sign block is 4.5" x 4.5". Small enough to hang on doorknob, door, wall or a locker.


All pieces come as unpainted and unassembled raw wood. Shapes & layers are seperate pieces for easy painting, then just glue & join together.

Alphabet letters are white acrylic pieces that need no paint, just glue them in place!

Painted colors in photo are for demonstration purposes only!


Comes with:

Mine Crafter block & backer base

Crafting tool & weapon

Tnt & Creeper block

Large assortment of repeated letters for spelling a name

String to hang


overall dimensons:  4.5" 4.5"

Must provide your own paint & glue! 

DIY Craft Kit - Mine Crafter Bedroom Door Sign Hanger (small)

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